our philosophy

closer integration between designer and developer.

Building great brand sites is hindered by one thing: the integration of design and development. Designers envision beautiful designs, but lack the ability to visualize how the pieces will look on various screen sizes. All too often, a great design on paper translates into a poorly functioning website, requiring extensive technical modifications before it can begin to work well. On the other hand, developers create sites that have great features, but are difficult to use and lack aesthetic appeal. What sets us apart from other advertising agencies is our ability to fuse design and development together to create a cohesive website design that blends function and finesse. Our Senior team members have worked as both designers and developers, ensuring that our end products’ beauty is not just skin - or in this case – screen - deep.

our glorious history

eat what you kill web development

Most websites are built with investor money, or for established businesses that pay for the site’s development. Our websites and online applications are different; they required instant profitability in order for us to stay in business. Eat what you kill web development is essentially unfunded web development. Our sites generate ad revenue from day one and are top in their industry within a year. In fact, we built, and later sold, the most trafficked art school on the internet. We currently own and run the most popular Green Jobs site in the U.S. So, why is this important? It should tell you that we understand the mechanics of online profitability in a way that few companies do. We can build great sites that push a business model to unprecedented heights.

our skills
high traffic, high quality design & development

We Excell At

  • Building Websites for Online Brands
  • Websites That Work on all Devices (Responsive)
  • Creating UI, Brand and Technical Integration Plan for Large Sites
  • Automated Web Site Management
  • Building Traffic For Web Sites
  • Creating Venture Capital Demos
  • Building Wordpress Plugins, Themes and Sites
  • Entertainment and Video Game Marketing Sites
  • UI/UX Design
  • Venture Capital Product Demos
  • Online Animations for Sites (Webkit, Flash, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5 Canvas)
Technical Skills

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • SEO and Monetization Strategies
  • Development on LAMP Stack
  • Responsive Frameworks That Work Across All Devices (Bootstrap, Gumby, Isotope)
  • JQuery, JavaScript Development
  • SASS, LESS, SCSS (Compiled CSS)
  • Linux / Apache Web Servers
  • AWS Web Services | Rackspace
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Flash Design and Development Including AS2, AS3